The goal of the Fairness Finance website, produced by BM&A Advisory & Support, a subsidiary of BM&A, is to provide access to and publicize the valuation tools developed by our R&D team.

The team

The Fairness Finance team brings together experienced professionals who have worked in the fields of valuation, statistics and data processing for more than 15 years. The diverse backgrounds and professional experience of our team members have resulted in a set of innovative tools designed to meet a wide range of needs in the areas of financial analysis, valuation and corporate finance.
began his career in 1993 at BM&A as an auditor before specializing in financial valuation for corporate transfers, contributions, mergers and independent appraisals for listed companies. He has been developing this activity for more than ten years in France and abroad.
used his training as a computer engineer to develop expertise in processing data and calculating risk premiums for Détroyat Associés for nine years. In 2008, he then helped create Fairness Finance , where he moved to financial valuation and independent appraisal before joining BM&A in 2016.
began his career in equity research at Détroyat Associés as a financial analyst where he worked for 10 years. Specializing in independent appraisal and financial valuation, Roland joined BM&A in 2007 in the Financial Services department where he continues to use his experience and expertise to resolve complex cases. He also teaches valuation methodology to finance professionals.